STORM™ Medical Provider

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Course Length

Four days, 40 hours of didactic, hands-on skills, and scenario based training.

Course Description

The STORM Medical Provider v2.0 is a competency-based course for tactical medical providers with credentials of EMT-B, or equivalent Military Occupational Specialty, through Physician. The curriculum covers critical skills at the medic level in the 17 competency domains common to all STORM courses. It focuses on training students to become proficient in the proper treatment modalities for casualties during the three phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care / Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. Emphasis is placed upon rapid life saving measures in tactical environments addressing the three leading causes of preventable death: life threatening hemorrhage, tension pnuemothorax, and compromised airway.

There are four main areas of focus for the course in austere environments:

- Under tactical conditions, enhance tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for conducting rapid emergency medical assessments and performing medical skills under tactical.

- Learn and practice how to extract and evacuate casualties quickly and efficiently.

- Gain basic knowledge of medical planning and human performance, preventative medicine, injury prevention, and health surveillance measures to mitigate operational specific medical threats.

- Enhance skills to assist the physician in the field.


Requires at least an EMT-Basic level of training and verification of medical operational support to law enforcement, military, security organization, or other relevant professional association with supporting operations in a tactical or austere environment.

Application Process

Application process includes the submission of a registration form and an accepted form of payment. A seat in a course is not confirmed until full course fee and required documents have been received. Proof of employment (see prerequisites) and a signed Release of Liability form must accompany application. While we are finalizing our training calendar, please contact us at to find a course near you.